About LEO

Would you like to make some extra money while sharing your opinion in a 100% confidential environment, from anywhere, anytime? If so, LEO is the platform for you…and it’s completely free to use!


What is LEO?

LEO, short for Leger Opinion, is the largest proprietary panel in Canada. Leger, the largest Canadian-owned survey, market research and analytics company, created it in 2004. On LEO, panelists can complete surveys online, rather than over the phone. Today, the LEO community has over 400,000 members across Canada and the United States.


What can you do on LEO?

On LEO, you can complete online surveys on a variety of topics. After you complete each survey, you’ll receive LEO points that you can redeem for rewards (including PayPal transfers, prepaid Visa cards, gift cards, Uber or Uber Eats credits, and more)!

When you complete surveys, you’ll also earn chances to participate in our weekly and monthly contests, which feature prizes like gift cards, iPads, cash, and more!

You can also use our Love, Hate, Rate tool to rate anything under the sun, including products, brands, services, companies, etc. We want to know what you think!

Whether you’re completing online surveys or using Love, Hate, Rate, the opinions you share on LEO stay confidential. We want to hear your truth, no matter how positive or negative it is.


How is your feedback used?

We conduct surveys on behalf of a variety of organizations, including businesses, governments, and more. Although our clients are diverse, they have one thing in common: they genuinely want to know what you think, so they can improve the products and services they offer to the public.

Some days it may feel like your opinion is just an opinion, but on LEO, we listen to you. The data that we share with these organizations is anonymized to protect your privacy.


How can you sign up?

It’s easy! Click here to Register for LEO.

If you would like to download our free app, you can do so on the App Store or Google Play Store.

We hope to welcome you to the LEO community soon!



Contact us here or by phone at 1-833-375-3007.

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