If you are using a mobile device, please try to complete the survey on a desktop or laptop to verify if the problem persists. Most of our surveys are compatible with mobile devices. Our clients, however, host some of our surveys and use technology that can be too powerful for mobile devices. These surveys can only be completed on a computer.

If you are already using a computer, your browser may not be up to date and your version may not take into account certain survey features. In this case, try updating your browser or using another browser (if you are using Internet Explorer, try Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Safari).

Unfortunately, surveys do not allow you to go back, even if you have made a mistake.

We send various surveys which require different amounts of time to complete. In general, we mention the approximate duration of each survey submitted to you. This is an estimate based on the average time spent on the same type of surveys that panelists have answered previously.

In general, we need a pre-determined number of respondents for each socio-demographic profile to successfully carry out a study.

Between the moment a survey is posted to your account and the moment you consult it, other panelists have had time to answer the survey and our quota may be reached in your profile category.

Also, if you receive an e-mail to answer a survey that is closed when you are about to answer, it's because the respondent quota required for this survey has been reached between the time it was sent and when you opened it.

We recommend that you sign in to your LEO account frequently to verify the surveys pending under the "To Do Today" tab. You will find all the most recent surveys available under this tab, as well as the surveys you have not completed.

Surveys are sent to panelists whose demographics match study requirements. Then, within the same profile group, a random distribution is performed in order to not disadvantage any panel members and ensure the statistical validity of our studies. You may therefore receive a few surveys on a quarterly, monthly or weekly basis, depending on current needs and the number of times your profile matches the one we are looking for in our surveys.

In addition, we do not necessarily send an email for every survey available in your account. We send an e-mail when we must reach a respondent quota required for a survey.

We suggest that you sign in to your LEO account frequently to verify the surveys pending under the "To Do Today" tab. You will find all the most recent surveys available under this tab, as well as the surveys you have not completed.

For most surveys, we need people from all backgrounds (age, gender, income, occupation, etc.). However, some studies require very specific criteria. The first questions in a survey are used to determine if the respondent’s profile corresponds to the desired profile for the current study.

The survey validation process may take up to 72 hours after you answer a survey. This is why the new account balance does not appear immediately after survey completion.

Profile information

Only residents of Canada or the United States who have reached the age of legal majority in their province, territory or state when they register can be LEO members.

Note that people 14 years of age or older may be part of the LEO panel, but their parent's approval will be required to open the account and apply for a reward.

We help Canadian and US companies and public entities to understand the lifestyle and consumption habits of their clients and residents in order to help them make informed decisions that are in-line with local societal issues, which is why it is so important to obtain the opinion of the residents of these two countries. Any registration and connection to the LEO portal by a resident of a country outside Canada and the United States will be considered illegal. The account will be closed and the points earned cancelled.

When you register on LEO's portal, you are sent an e-mail to confirm your registration. It is important to click on the confirmation link in this e-mail to indicate that you accept receiving LEO surveys. We recommend checking that this e-mail is not in your junk mail. If this confirmation step is not carried out, you will receive very few surveys, or none at all, since your account will not be 100% activated. 

If you have forgotten your password, click on the "Log in" button. Once on LEO's login page, click on the "Forgot your password?" link.

Provide the e-mail that you use to sign in to your account. An e-mail with the instructions to reset your password will be sent to you.

Please note that your new password must be a minimum of 8 characters, including at least 1 number, 1 uppercase letter and 1 lowercase letter. Make sure to leave no spaces.

In order to change your contact information, such as your postal or e-mail address, you must log in to your LEO account.

After you have logged in, click on your initials in the top right corner of the screen. Click the pencil icon for the items you want to modify, and update your information. Don't forget to save your changes by clicking the "Submit" button.

Please note that you cannot update your name, gender and date of birth yourself, you must contact us to make these changes.

Problem with a VPN or connecting abroad

LEO has strengthened its security system in order to guarantee that panel members are Canadian and American residents. Anyone who logs in while abroad or when using a VPN is automatically blocked. Please disconnect your VPN if you use one.

Problem with a deactivated account

If your account has been deactivated, you may have unsubscribed, or the e-mails that we send you have ended up in your junk mail. This may automatically deactivate your account. Make sure to add us to your list of authorized e-mails.

We may also deactivate an account if our system indicates that it infringes upon the regulations stipulated under the conditions of use.

If you experience a problem signing in, please contact us so that we can do the additional checks to reactivate your account. 


There is a LEO app that you can download on your mobile device (phone or tablet). 

Download the app on Android or on Apple 

You can also search for 'LEO' in the Google Play Store on Android devices, or the App Store on Apple devices.  

Do you like the app?
Feel free to rate it and leave your comments on the Play Store or App Store.

If you already have a LEO account, you do not need to create a new account through the app- just use the same credentials (email and password) you use on the website to log in to the app.   

Some of our partners' surveys are not adapted for mobile applications. These surveys are not available on the mobile application, to ensure you have the best possible experience on the app. However, you can find them by logging into your LEO account via your computer.   

We send a summary of the surveys available on the app once a day. You will receive notification emails when surveys are available for you to complete.

You can choose to accept or decline to receive push notifications from LEO in your phone or tablet settings. 

You need to be connected to the Internet in order to use the different functionalities of the LEO app. 

The web version of LEO has the same features as the LEO app. 

Cash out

You can check your account balance at any time by signing in to LEO. You will find this information by clicking on:

  • the "To do today" or "Your history" or "Rewards" tabs: a progress bar with the balance of points earned is displayed at the top of the page.
  • the icon with your initials at the top right of the screen, which accesses your profile.

The survey validation process may take up to 72 hours, so the points you have earned in your most recent surveys may therefore not be reflected in the posted balance.

To make a claim:

  • Sign in to your LEO account 
  • Click on the "Rewards" tab and choose the one you want.
  • Verify that you have the number of points required to claim the reward, then click on "Cash Out."
  • Confirm that you have reviewed the conditions and characteristics of the reward and that the information you have provided to receive the reward is accurate and complete. If this is not the case, click on the "Change your information" button.
  • Click on the "Confirm and Claim" button.

Processing times vary according to the reward you have chosen. Here is the maximum number of days you will wait between the date of your claim and when you will receive the reward:

  • PayPal: 10 business days
  • AirMiles: 5 business days
  • Aeroplan: 5 business days
  • Cheques: 30 days
  • Visa: 25 days
  • Gift-Card: 15 business days

After you have made your claim, you can view the expected reception date by visiting the "Your History" tab and scrolling down to the "Rewards" section.

To verify that you are within the normal processing times for your request, log in to your LEO account and click on the "Your History" tab, then scroll down to the "Rewards" section. The expected reception date is indicated. If this date has passed, please contact us so that we can follow up on your claim.



  • Allow for 4 weeks before receiving your cheque by mail.

Visa cards:

  • Once processed by accounting, you should receive a confirmation e-mail from with your Visa identification code. Please check your junk mail. A request may take up to 3 weeks.


  • As soon as your request is processed by accounting, you will receive an e-mail from PayPal to inform you that the money is in your account. A claim takes 10 business days.

Air Miles:

  • A virtual coupon with the necessary identifiers to collect your reward miles is posted within 5 business days on your Leger Opinion account. To get this information, log in to your account and visit the “Rewards" section under the "Your History" tab. Then visit our partner’s site to deposit your reward miles in your Air Miles account.


  • Your reward miles will be posted directly to your Aeroplan account within 5 business days. 


Electronic gift cards:

  • Once processed by our accounting team, you should receive a confirmation email from Starbucks or Tim Hortons depending on your gift card choice. If you do not see the message in your Inbox, please check your junk mail. Click on the link in the email to access your electronic gift card, which you can save on your phone or print if necessary. A request can take up to 15 business days.

LEO offers rewards of a specific value to ensure that members cash out frequently and avoid accruing large account balances. As mentioned in the terms of use, LEO is not a financial establishment and the points offered are not actual cash deposits. Claims should therefore be made whenever point levels have been reached.

Only members registered with the Aeroplan program can claim Aeroplan reward miles. However, members who earn Aeroplan miles cannot claim any other type of reward.

If you don’t earn Aeroplan miles, you have access to all other types of rewards offered on the LEO platform.

The amounts claimed are taxable rewards for which we do not issue tax slips at year-end. It is your responsibility to report them.

Users will find Promo Codes on social media, when influencers or partners share a Promo Code in public posts. The Promo Codes help the LEO team to identify where new users heard about us. 

The Promo Code does not unlock any specific content or feature. Some Promo Codes give users extra LEO points when they create an account for the first time. Users are free to earn points in other ways without a Promo Code. Users who choose not to use a Promo Code will still have unrestricted access to all the features and contents of the application. 


Every time you answer surveys, you earn chances, whether you have been selected to complete the entire survey or were refused because a quota was reached or because your profile did not meet the study’s requirements.
You are automatically entered in the monthly contest as soon as you answer at least one survey in the same month. Chances are reset to zero monthly for all panelists after the draw for the winners.

Chances are reset to zero monthly in order to establish equality between all members.
You must be active on LEO to qualify for the monthly contest. The draw will be held with respondents who answered at least one survey and not with all panel members, whether active or not. 


If you would like to refer a few people, simply follow the invitation process under the “To Do Today” tab, in the “Extra” section and receive 1,000 points once your invitation is validated.

If, however, you have a blog, manage a website or have many contacts on your social media and can invite more than a dozen people a day, you could become an affiliate. To learn more about the program, please visit the “LEO’s Affiliate Program” page.

For an invitation to be validated and credited to you, it must respect the following different validation steps.

The person you invite must:

  • Register and validate his or her registration
  • Have completed his or her profile
  • Have answered at least one survey

We monitor and validate the registration of each new invitee.

If we detect invitations that do not respect our standards, we reserve the right to refuse the invitation.

You will receive 1,000 LEO points and one entry chance for the monthly contest once the process is completed.