Love, Hate, Rate.

Love, Hate, Rate.

You can change the world around you.

LEO would like to hear what you have to say about a company, brand, product or service! Share your experience without censorship in complete confidentiality.

Rate the coffee shop where you were yesterday, the store where you bought your last pair of shoes, or the city you recently visited! With Love, Hate, Rate, you can rate everything around you.

Love, Hate, Rate allows you to express yourself as a customer and citizen on the products you test, the services you receive, the places you visit, the events you attend and so much more!

Share your experience uncensored, in complete confidentiality. The power is in your hands!

Love, Hate, Rate is exclusive to LEO panelists, created specifically to allow them to express their opinion anywhere, anytime.

Thanks to a unique technology, Leger Opinion analyzes comments received on Love, Hate, Rate and identifies trends. Based on feedback received from the public, Leger assigns a rating to businesses, products, brands, events, services, and much more!

LEO is the reference of choice for public opinion.